MCB: A History of Innovation and a Solid Foundation for the Future

In 2005, Bill Edwards, Jim Friddell, and the Mountain Commerce Bancorp board of directors had the vision to develop what would become one of the fastest-growing, state-chartered banks in Tennessee.

By early 2006, Bill and Jim raised $35 million in capital for the new bank holding company, setting a state record. The fact that they worked out of a one-room office with very few operational capabilities was of no consequence. They had the foresight and ambition that initial investors were looking for in a bank. Their business plan proved to be one of accelerated growth coupled with a sound strategic plan. Mountain Commerce Bancorp was born.

On September 1, 2006, Mountain Commerce Bancorp acquired Erwin National Bank (ENB) and set up headquarters in the 96-year-old bank in Erwin, TN. Established in 1910, ENB was the market leader in Erwin and Unicoi County. Its management team had grown market share and catered to the financial needs of the consumers and businesses in Unicoi County. When Mountain Commerce Bancorp acquired ENB, total assets were approximately $80 million.

By the end of December 2006, MCB opened a new location in Johnson City and increased total assets to $122 million. The company continued to exceed the aggressive growth goals over the next few months and by August 2007, MCB had over 90 employees and $250 million in total assets.

In 2006, the initial brand and image for Mountain Commerce Bancorp was established. An acorn was featured in the logo, representing both an established entity— ENB— and one positioned for future growth—Mountain Commerce Bank. In 2007, the acorn was replaced by a golden key, representing the image of MCB within the banking industry. It represents security, strength, and access to financial success. The personality, brand, and image of MCB were set..

In 2007, Mountain Commerce Bancorp opened locations in Knoxville and Seymour, and one on Bristol Highway in Johnson City. MCB also hired some of the top talent in the regional banking industry during 2007, ensuring the company’s continued expansion and success.

By the end of June 2009, MCB had $335 million in total assets and $291 million in total deposits.

The founders of Mountain Commerce Bancorp could not have envisioned the company would achieve such a rapid level of growth so early in its development. The exceptional employee base and sound company strategy continues to ensure that MCB will achieve its goals in both the short and long term.

MCB currently employs more than 70 individuals at five branches and one operations office. For more information, visit www.mcb.com or check your account anytime at 1-866-MCB-1910.